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Questions & Answers

Anthony Kish

Q. What is the definition of a “Sharp Transition” in the PAPI? Is there a measurement of variance between the filters in the PAPI unit itself? The requirements just say the filters need to be“lined up”… is it supposed to be perfectly? Within millimetres?

A. In a 2 or 3 light system each light channel may be compliant BUT when collectively seen, it is visible to the end user (the pilot) as having a ‘pink-zone’ as the transition zone.

Jamie Andrew

Q. With the constant advancements in aircraft technologies, do you think the need for a PAPI system will ever be phased out?

A. Its an interesting question ! As we operationally have both VFR ( Visual Flight Rules ) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) then the PAPI for VFR is essential. However, in lower RVR conditions the visual aids are of little benefit to a pilot other then a final visual cue when if he/she has got it wrong it is too late. We can discuss this separately !

Muhammad Asjad

Q. What are other latest options available as an alternative to conventional stand by generators / no break generation/ online ups ?

A. As Tony explained …. a no-break scenario should be implemented in ALL RVR/Category conditions.

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