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Webinar 1 Q&A

Q1When you brought your sign tester down to Coventry, on the trial runs, it was able to show that, even on a now GA airfield, cleaning the signs could show a 40% increase in light output.

Tony Coates
This is a very good point. Airports often maintain the insides of their signs but ignore the exterior e.g. Clean exterior face (as well as inside) and remove any vegetation growing in front of signRobert
Q2Is MALMS cleaner bi-directional?

Gaurav Shorey
Yes – See for detailsRobert
Q3Which is the basic information you would need from an airport to start developing a solution for it?

Oswaldo Acosta
This depends on the required MALMS installation. For a photometric trailer solution we would require just details of the runway courses required. For a MALMS Engineer installation a spreadsheet of all assets to be recorded is required giving details such as photometric type (eg White / White RCL), torque requirements, maintenance requirements, location (Lat/Long or local grid).Richard
Q4What connectivity issues don you have with Bluetooth and 4G?

Anonymous Attendee
Bluetooth works well within its’ 10 metre design range, only issue is the speed of connection maybe 10 to 15 seconds on occasion. 4G depends on the quality of the connection to the local network. However, MALMS doesn’t require always on connection. If it loses connection it just stores data until the connection returns and then updates the server.Richard
Q5How can I evidence my IRVR credit rating using the Dashboard reporting?MALMS Dashboards shows the latest average IRVR rating for each runway on the front dashboard panel. The rating can be evidenced using two reports. Firstly a bar chart showing the individual surveys carried out over the last year. This shows an average result for both edges of each runway, comparing it to the configured datum value. Secondly a line graph report showing results for each edge individually over 365 days along with the average achieved and the datum line.Rob
Q6We have just started recording Insulation Resistance readings as part of our monthly inspections. How can ME be configured to record these on the tablet? What reports are available to monitor the results?CRC assets will need to be added to the MALMS Engineer system using the spreadsheet configure. The CRC’s will be given a circuit name, which needs to be defined for all AGLs on that circuit. A CRC inspection is then configured, which ideally would be completed monthly, but as required. A resistance value is defined an a input value for the inspection, this is then input on the tablet PC when the inspection is carried out. Once some readings are recorded the Dashboard reporting will begin to show the current status of each circuit against its defined safety levels. A line graph of readings can be produced which will eventually define a trend. Data is also available in a tabular form.Rob
Q7Can any part of the MALMS system be used to evidence mean time to failure figures for different types of lamps?The Photobench Engineer system utilises RFID tags fitted to the AGLs themselves. This enables us to track them through the maintenance process, from being installed in the runway, going into the workshop, stored on the shelf, then back into the runway again. This data enables us to calculate Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) figures for different lamp types.Rob
Q8How can I see from my photometric reports if my serviceability is deteriorating more quickly or less quickly than it did previously?Review maintenance AGL Serviceability Summary bar chart for each course. This will provide an overview of the effectiveness of PPM’s over time. One should also consider trend in conjunction with the frequency of testing and maintenance performed. Please contact TMS directly for assistance / training.Robert
Q9How long does it take to clean a runway Centre Line with a MALMS Manual cleaner?Centreline with 200 bi-directional AGL would take approx. 1.25 hours with manual cleaner and 1.75 hours with automatic cleaner. However TMS recommends differential maintenance i.e. Only clean AGL requiring maintenance. Robert
Q10Can MALMS track rotating assets (for example light fittings / fixtures)?Yes, individual lights can be tagged. The tag can then be used on the MALMS Photobench to test the lights and can be used on the runway when the light is installed. In this way a complete history of each fixture / fitting is constructed. The system also ensures that lights have the correct light combination for the location when installed.Richard
Q11Can MALMS integrate with other systems such as ERP systems, AGL control systems.Yes MALMS can be integrated with other systems. We have tested an interface to Maximo and are developing an interface to Honeywell CMS. However, the difficulties with this integration are often more down to the organisational issues with getting all required parties involved in the projects.Richard
Q12How are the reports made available to other airport personnel, such as senior management, ops, civils etc.The MALMS dashboard is available to any user with an internet browser and the required login / permissions. Details shown to each user are configurable depending on the users’ requirements. Also reports can be sent via automated email. Again, this feature is completely configurable according to the users’ requirements.Richard

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