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Webinar 14 Q&A

Q1Dear keith, why we don't make some papers according to IEC requirements for ICAO VAWG to put AGL lisence in Annex 1?

To which email should i send my files?

Mohammad Ghashghaei
Hi Mohammad. Please forward all Emails to me on my hotmail account: ( also cc. (

Thanks. Keith
Q2Hi shall we get last 2 webinar video and presentation in the website.

Anonymous Attendee
All Webinar information / recordings are now available to view on the website.Felicity
Q3Unfortunately your download site of the webinars does not show anything past #10. is there another site to access them?

Anonymous Attendee
All Webinar information / recordings are now available to view on the website.Felicity
Q4Is TMS traing center having any international accreditations?

Like trainair or any other ICAO or FAA recognized organaisation?

Asoka Leelarathne
All TMS Training Solutions courses are carried out in accordance with our ISO registration. Please be advised that actual Accredition is a National responsibility as defined by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). ICAO define operational requirements whereby the IEC issue the AGL's Technical Specifications inclusive to defining that Competency of AGL personnel is a requirement.Keith
Q5PDF format is not available of webinar 10 and 11 for download.

Anonymous Attendee
All Webinar information / recordings are now available to view on the website.Felicity
Q6Omani Government Department of Transport help Oman airports for the 5 new airports that was develop in Oman:

Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Al Duwm, Ras al Hadd

Regulator was also involved -- Omani Team effort

Steve Hutton
TMS Training Solutions wishes to place on record its thanks and appreciation to Steve Hutton and Oman Airports for last weeks presentationRobert
Q7Talking about your upcoming AGL virtual training, is this going to be a basic training or a qualifications training? when is the estimated date?

Nawar Rehawi
The on-line training as planned will be based upon providing a "competency qualifications" towards recognition as an AGL Practiioner. As part of the qualification criteria, we will also take due consideration as to which of the previous generation of courses have been undertaken and, if appropriate & when they were taken (eg the AGL 1, 2 concept), then as stated above these will be taken into consideration!Keith
Q8There is already a document related to apron floodlighting IES-RP37 Outdoor lighting for airport environment issued in 2016. We are working at version 2 at this moment.

Richard Larivee
Q9If we found any difference in specification in ADM Doc 9157, IEC 61820-1-2-3.then which specs part is to be followed?

Anonymous Attendee
This has always been a "sticky subject". ICAO documentation are generally defining operational performance requirements where the ICAO documents define what is to be achieved operationally whereby the IEC documentation is the actual Technical Standard (ie. internationally & outside the USA (the USA-FAA have their own Advisory Circulars and products are tested & approved by their nominated testing authority. For ICAO, products are designed, tested and certified according to an independent certification authority (eg. Bureau Veritas) for conformance to the Technical Standard.. Please note that IEC 61820 is in the process of review! In summary: ICAO for Operational Performance and the IEC for Technical ComplianceKeith

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