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EASA – Q&A Apron Services
Air Ops News January 2021

Webinar 18 Q&A

Q1Will this recording be available at a later date?Hi Tony,

The recording will be available on the TMS Training Solutions website ( within the next 24 hrs.
Tony, Keith, Robert
Q2What are Safety Critical Visual Aids?Your safety critical visual aids are those visual aids which have been specified as a requirement for the operations planned for that aerodrome. The extent of the visual aids provision is what determines how much of the standards in Annex 14 that you need to apply in your situation.Tony, Keith, Robert
Q3What is the Alpha numeric Font used in Sign boards, stand identification WGS boards?There is no official national standard so are variety are used. The two most common used are "frutiger" and "Helvetica". The latter font was used during the development of the standard.Tony, Keith, Robert
Q4At Present, is there any process for Certification of AGL Maintenance Personnel with UK CAA? For example personnel involved in commissioning and Maintenance of PAPI ?Within the UK CAA no but other National Authorities have or are embarking on producing an advisory circular e.g., Canada (CSA Z463 document section and for airfield signs (TP312-5th talks about it in They also follow FHA (Federal Highways Administration) Standard Alphabets 1977. / AustraliaTony, Keith, Robert
Q5Human Behaviour, in addition to Human/Organisational Factors are becoming increasingly more important in this day and age: should industry start looking at including these areas as a Mandatory Training requirement? Does the panel agree?We agree. Competency is a factor of knowledge, skill and attitude. Behavourial issues are a fundamental part of attitude. Technical training courses should have a module(s) covering this subject. The provision and training are related to the neccessary tools and ability to complete the task and training in their use.Tony, Keith, Robert
Q6Who is most likely to determine Minimum Eye Height over threshold (MEHT) for PAPI , flight procedure designer or AGL Personnel?The MEHT is dependent on the required minimum wheel clearance. This subject will be addressed in a later webinar.Tony, Keith, Robert
Q7As per Annex 14 Runway holding sign shall have a location sign supplement the divination .... as per annex 14 para 3.12.3 holding signs would have alpha numerical number runway destination...please clarify thisThere should always be location information included with all mandatory signs. This may be included within the sign, or by the provision of an additional information sign showing the location. Tony, Keith, Robert
Q8Is there any document available that gives the cross reference of EASA DOC with ICAO Annex/DOCIf you look in the EASA Documentation they do give an ICAO reference within the each ADR document. However, there is not a dedicated list of comparisons.Tony, Keith, Robert
Q9Do you offer on-line training and certificationYes we offer AGL on-line & in-person training. Please visit our website ( for further information.Tony, Keith, Robert

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