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The international aviation community recognise that there will be an anticipated shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the future. In order to address this important issue, ICAO have launched the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative to ensure that enough qualified and competent aviation professionals are available to operate, manage and maintain the future international air transport system.

Training by TMS Training Solutions Limited for airport operators, airside maintenance, service personnel and civil aviation regulatory inspectors

is essential in meeting the mandatory competency requirements defined in Air Navigation Orders (ANOs) to ensure that airport’s operational performance is compliant with standards and practices as defined by the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) and national authorities.

Airport personnel involved in Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) must therefore be well acquainted with new and changing technologies, products and engineering solutions, and be equipped to perform key tasks safely.

TMS Training Solutions Limited Provide the new generation specialist AGL training courses which are structured to provide progressive competency training schedules that can be delivered in most locations around the world to help your airport staff and technicians at every level of their career.  Our training is designed to ensure competency is developed in phases:

Phase Three

Continuation Training

Phase Four

Development and Audit Training

We use a variety of teaching techniques – from the detailed descriptions of products to the overall AGL circuitry through a blend of classroom activities and practical exercises.  Standard sessions are in English, but we may be able to deliver our courses in additional languages upon request. We work with you to ensure we capture your needs.

Operating an airport safely relies on the quality of all its facilities and systems.  ICAO states that the operational efficiency of the Airfield Ground Lighting and Ground Traffic Management systems depend on the quality of its design, installation and maintenance.  The scope of these facilities and systems can be summarized as:

The route to demonstrable competency is based upon experience and the completion of training packages in defined steps, each supported by an assessment.  Certification of Competency is essential to meet the Safety and Regulatory needs of EASA, ICAO, the IEC and the FAA.

TMS Training Solutions Limited work with you, the customer, to identify your detailed training requirements and ensure that certification for your staff meets your operational and regulatory needs.

Our trainers are experienced professionals with global operational experience who deliver hands-on, realistic and interactive learning schedules.

Scope of operational activities

Supervision, monitoring, control and reporting in real time of technical services, supported by electrical and electronic systems and/or equipment for AGL.

Scope of maintenance activities

Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and/or modification and updates of supporting electrical, mechanical, civil, electronic and optical systems and/or equipment for AGL.

Scope of installation activities

Project management, specification, conception, validation, integration, test and acceptance, safety assessment, calibration, certification, optimization and upgrade of supporting electrical, mechanical, civil, electronic and optical systems and/or equipment for AGL engineering activities.


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