2020 Training Courses

Airfield Lighting Safety & Compliance

Our specialist training brings your airport a range of structured packages aligned to the ICAO competency achievement needs for specialist, continuation and development training phases. Our courses are based upon ICAO, EASA, FAA & Military Standards with the key objective of achieving the highest levels of competency and proficiency training to deliver results for engineering individuals, airport authorities, consultants and aviation authority inspectorates.

We work with you to identify skill and knowledge gaps and training needs to ensure your staff meet regulatory targets and achieve the competency levels ICAO say are needed to support the ICAO NGAP incentives. This includes the maintenance of existing technologies and the migration towards future AGL / GTM systems and technologies.

Johannesburg AGL / GTMPostponed - New Date TBC
London AGL / GTMPostponed - New Date TBC
Amsterdam AGL / GTMPostponed - New Date TBC
Muscat/DubaiAGL / GTMPostponed - New Date TBC
NairobiAGL / GTMPostponed - New Date TBC
SingaporeAGL / GTMPostponed - New Date TBC

Specialist Training can be provided at a venue of your choice.

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