Specialist Training

Airfield Lighting Safety & Compliance

Our specialist training brings your airport a range of structured packages aligned to the ICAO competency achievement needs for specialist, continuation and development training phases. Our courses are based upon ICAO, EASA, FAA & Military Standards with the key objective of achieving the highest levels of competency and proficiency training to deliver results for engineering individuals, airport authorities, consultants and aviation authority inspectorates.

We work with you to identify skill and knowledge gaps and training needs to ensure your staff meet regulatory targets and achieve the competency levels ICAO say are needed to support the ICAO NGAP incentives. This includes the maintenance of existing technologies and the migration towards future AGL / GTM systems and technologies.


TMS Specialist Training

Initial Training
Continuation Training
Development Training

Standards, principles & layouts

A three (3) day course which introduces the requirements of airfield lighting and provides a general overview of characteristics, features and functionality of AGL/GTM applications. It introduces international standards and explains the principles of AGL/GTM installation, maintenance and safety

Maintenance management

A three (3) day follow-on course to our “Standards, Principles & Layouts course” which provides an in-depth overview of operation and maintenance aspects, procedures, tools, equipment and practices.  With an overriding focus on airside safety, the session explains the differences between corrective, preventive and differential maintenance systems and their impact on airport operations, establishing a typical state-of-the-art maintenance structure depending on the installed base (including the function description). It helps define the roles and responsibilities of each member of the AGL maintenance team (including the competency management) and builds awareness of Health & Safety cases in order to establish a professional H&S plan.


This intensive course five (5) day design course includes a practical workshop where you will design the complete AGL layout at a fictional airfield.  The course introduces you to the design, products and system characteristics and specifications of AGL/GTM systems to meet international standards defined by ICAO.   It will also introduce other standards prescribed by national bodies such as FAA, EUROCONTROL, EASA, NATO, UK CAA and STAC.

Installation quality & awareness

This five (5) day practically focused course introduces the Civil Engineering aspects of AGL and provides the opportunity for staff to gain experience in installing AGL Primary and Secondary circuit equipment and lighting fixtures.

Course attendees will be introduced to Concrete and Asphalt Runway and Manoeuvring  area surfaces, their construction and load characteristics and the materials used to restore structural integrity following repair.

They will practice Coring, Saw Cutting and Grouting and will install shallow bases, primary and secondary cables and connectors plus elevated and inset light fittings.

Course completion at the end of the week finishes with the connection of their newly constructed AGL circuit to a CCR including its safe initiation and testing.

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke courses specialize on maintenance and operator training on a range of supplier’s products and systems, these practical courses are delivered in accordance with international standards such as ICAO and national authority standards.

Our Bespoke courses include design characteristics, installation and commissioning procedures, fault finding and maintenance. While we have defined several standard modules, we work with you the customer to ensure these courses are specifically customized to meet your airport’s actual needs.

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