TMS Tuesday: Origins of the Standards for AGL

In 2023 Tony Smith, world-renowned inventor of the PAPI and an expert on all things visual aids, will present the first of two seminars sharing his experience of origins of the standards and recommended best practices for airfield lighting.

January’s TMS Tuesday seminar will cover approach and runway lighting, including PAPI, and in the February’s TMS Tuesday Tony will further explain the development of ground taxiway lighting and signage.

Where did these airfield lighting requirements come from and how was it established exactly what was needed? What research was necessary to understand how that might be provided? Technology is continually evolving and therefore National and International standards must evolve to ensure safety and compliance.

Join us for both of these 1-hour free AGL technical seminars including Q&As from our expert panelists presented at 2pm UK time on the last Tuesday of each month.

When is it?

Part 1: Approach & Runway Lighting, including PAPI
Tuesday 31st January, 2023 @ 1400-1500 London time
. This live webinar will last one hour including Q&A’s with our expert panelists, and registration is free here:

Part 2: Ground Taxiway Lighting & Signage
Tuesday 28th February, 2023 @ 1400-1500 London time. This live webinar will last one hour including Q&A’s with our expert panelists.

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