AGL Design Training Week 2 (QT1 W2)


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A detailed introduction to AGL/AFL Design, System Characteristics and Specifications to meet International, Regional & National Standards.

  • Regulation and Standardization.
  • General Airfield Knowledge.
  • Navigation Aids.
  • Operational Conditions.
  • Design of Approach Systems.
  • Runway Perimeter Lights.
  • PAPI Calculation.
  • Design of Taxiway Lighting.
  • Apron & Docking Systems.
  • Power Supply.
  • AGL Installation Criteria.
  • Introduction to Control, A-SMG&CS & ILCMS.
  • Managing Airfield Runway incursion through design

Out of stock

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Who Should Attend

Personnel involved in engineering and design of AGL equipment.

What you will learn and duration

This intensive design course provides an introduction to the detailed design, system characteristics and specifications of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) over a nominal two (2) week training period.

  • Week 1 (mandatory) comprises of general theoretical & detailed layouts, systems and equipment selection leading to meeting performance requirements (eg. CAT I, II/III requirements) as defined in international, regional and national standards.
  • Week 2 will bring all the theoretical knowledge together and assess student knowledge through a design exercise(s) where either a fictional airport is developed, or if the course is for a bespoke customer, we will work with the airport personnel to develop a solution to meet their own specific requirements.


The prerequisites include a working knowledge of English, the medium of instruction for standard sessions. Also, knowledge of AGL/AFL principles and philosophy as well as AGL products defined in TECHNICAL Course Step’s 1 & 2 content or equivalent) is mandatory.

You MUST attend Week 1 in order to attend Week2.

 Course Instructors

Sessions are conducted by in-house experts with rich industry experience.

Additional Services

In addition to the standard sessions scheduled in our annual training calendar, this training package can be organized separately, on site or at any of our training centers.

Dates & Delivery

Week 2: 30th May – 2nd June 2022 | Virtual Classroom

Click here for Week 1 dates. (Mandatory)

Week 1 is delivered in modules over 4 days and will be available within a “virtual classroom”. Each module includes 1.5 hour on-line training and Q&A sessions. This will enable attendees to arrange and attend with little impact to their day to day functions.

Upon completion, there is an optional examination for qualification and industry recognition purposes.

On-site training is available on request and will encompass additional expenses such as the Instructor (travel/flight/accommodation/daily allowance) costs.


You hereby acknowledge that you are purchasing educational training based upon virtual (VILT) on-line training and/or electronic materials only. No additional support, training, or act on our part is expressly promised or implied, except as described in the course content. All meeting dates, times, locations presentations and events are subject to change or cancellation unless a minimum of 6 persons have registered to attend. You will be notified at least 2 weeks ahead of the course start date if any changes are deemed to be necessary.


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