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AGOTS & Associates

Airport Operations Training & Consultancy Company

AGOTS – Aviation Ground Operations Training Services Ltd created in April 2009 by its founder Clive Snook.

Over the last 10 years, Clive Snook has grown AGOTS into an international award winning airport operations training and consultancy organisation. Having delivered courses in 27 countries around the world, AGOTS pride’s itself on its cultural awareness, and although we are all in the same industry, our subtle differences around the globe make the same globe accessible.

With a different approach – Learning, Not Training, AGOTS’ aim is to pass on over 25 years of experience, in 27 countries to those who are keen to learn and be part of this rapidly growing industry that we all love.

Further details visit:  www.agots.com

Possehl Spezialbau

Airfield pavement surfaces, AGL installation and specialist resins

Possehl Spezialbau are experts in runway surface optimized processes and special surface treatments for runways and taxiways to improve flight safety through expertise and innovation treatment, dressing and AGL installation compliant with ICAO & FAA standards.

Erik de Leeuw, Managing Director at Possehl Spezialbau, Oosterhout, Netherlands provides civil technical advice and surface dressings to International and domestic airports and military airbases globally.

For airfield pavements (runways, taxiways and aprons), Possehl provide the surface dressings to improve traction on wet runways, to prevent hydroplaning and improve the stability with crosswind.

The company also provide a range of cds Polymere products, such as high quality surface protection materials for waterproof impregnations, coatings for anti-skid floors, flexible membrane coatings or stain-resistant surfaces.

Above all, the company specialises in the production of epoxy resins dedicated for the installation of airfield ground lighting (AGL) and the filling of cable slots. All products comply with international standards such as FAA, ICAO, EN, DIN-EN and ASTM requirements. Possehl provide their own in-house specialist installation teams & equipment to install Airfield Ground Lighting fixtures and Antiskid high end skid resistance surface dressing for runways.

For further details visit :  www.possehl-spezialbau.com

Perfect Airport Solutions

Airport Projects, Design and Training

Perfect Airport Solutions based in the Asia Pacific region was formed to provide specialist support for airport and aviation authorities including site specialist services in all areas of maintenance – installation – upgrading and extensions which will help them in all areas of airport operations including Navigational Aids systems (Navaids) and Airfield Ground Lighting.

Led by Bart Marichal, Managing Director of Perfect Airport Solutions, the company also provide airports with design consultancy covering all areas of design, installation and maintenance including engineering competency trainings.

Perfect Airport Solutions represents TMS Photometrics Ltd in Asia Pacific for the MALMS (Mobile Airfield Light Monitoring System) family of products for effective Asset Management and compliance of Runway, Taxiway and Apron ground lighting and aircraft surface movement guidance systems.

For further details visit :   www.perfectairportsolutions.com

Aerodrome Services

Airfield Lighting Consultants, Designers and Training

Aerodrome Services headquartered in Dublin, Ireland operate globally providing Airfield Lighting Consultancy, Airfield Lighting Designs and a variety of airport services. Created to support airports, aviation authorities, airfield lighting suppliers, airfield consultants, and airfield installation contractors the company supports customers with project specific designs and consultancy services.

Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) designs can be performed for a wide range of civil and military installations operating under visual flight rules (VFR) down to low visibility conditions and procedures (LVP). The company provides full AGL designs whether or not a project specification is available. All designs comply fully to the relevant international and national regulatory bodies such as ICAO, IEC, STANAG, FAA, CAA, CASA, CAAS, and the IAA.

For further details visit:  www.aerodromeservices.com

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