Every flight starts and ends at an Aerodrome.

From their humble beginnings as relatively simple landing strips, international aerodromes have evolved into highly complex facilities.

A modern international aerodrome’s environment is characterized by vast areas, distinct airside (movement area) and landside areas, sophisticated technologies, dozens of square kilometres of runways, taxiways, aprons, service areas, a multitude of equipment and integrated systems, and the growing activity of third parties.

Added to all of this, today’s aerodromes are facing, more than ever, increasing commercial pressures with greater public awareness and expectations on safety and efficiency issues.

Consequently, Airport Operators have a legal responsibility to ensure that all personnel are competent to perform the duties expected of them

Technologies are advancing and being introduced at an alarming rate therefore the knowledge & skills of technical personnel must keep pace with those technologies.


The required level of knowledge, technical and behavioral skills and experience, and language proficiency required in order to be authorized to perform duties on the system and equipment staff are deemed competent to work on.

Phase 1: BASIC Phase Training:

BASIC Training 1 (BT1): Introduction to AGL/AFL: Airside Operations, AGL Standards, Principles & Layouts

BASIC Training 2 (BT2): AGL/GTM Applications: AGL Equipment & Systems including Installation & Maintenance techniques & Supervisory Management

Phase 2: QUALIFICATION Phase Training:

QUALIFICATION Training 1 (QT1): Design Engineering:  A detailed introduction to AGL/AFL design, product & systems characteristics and specifications to meet international standards

QUALIFICATION Training 2 (QT2): Installation Engineering:  Quality & Awareness.  Practical experience using the correct tools & processes

QUALIFICATION Training 3 (QT3): Maintenance Engineering:   Maintenance of AGL Circuits and Equipment, their techniques & Supervisory Management

QUALIFICATION Training 4 (QT4): Control Systems (CMS):   The understanding to modern CMS, ILCMS, A-SMG&CS technologies and the introduction to A-CDM

QUALIFICATION Training 5 (QT5): AGL Specialist courses:  Bespoke and specialist courses tailored for individual functional needs such as product or project related trainings

QUALIFICATION TRAINING 6 (QT6): AGL/GTM for Airport Operational Personnel:  A tailored package for Airside Operations, Air Traffic Controllers and Airport Regulators that introduces AGL/GTM and develops an understanding of the airport planning, quality and asset management requirements related to Airfield lighting and defined by ICAO.

Phase 3: CONTINUATION Phase Training – To be discussed & advised with each customer.

CONTINUATION Training: AGL/GTM Technology Update and Knowledge Refresh:   Bespoke and specialist refresher and overview courses tailored for individual staff needs such as role change or for professional staff from other departments and domains requiring an overview of the AGL/GTM environment, infrastructure and asset management essential for their duties.

Phase 4: DEVELOPMENT Phase TrainingTo be discussed & advised with each customer.

DEVELOPMENT Training: Specialist training tailored for individual staff needs such as a role change or career advancement requiring an overview of the AGL/GTM environment, infrastructure and asset management essential for their duties.