Does your airfield require a survey to determine and establish its operational capability, its serviceability and its future needs or whether your current maintenance processes, procedures and practices are effective for managing maintenance in the best possible way? TMS Training Solutions will provide you a value for money audit or survey of your complete Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) infrastructure to advise whether you have assurance that your AGL, ie. Airfield light fixture installations, Field circuits and Control systems:-

  • are suitable for the role expected of them.

  • inspections and maintenance practices are managed and conducted in compliance with airport regulations.

  • has effective asset management techniques and are being followed.

Our service is specifically designed to meet the needs of airfields, civil and military installations that are to be maintained to the appropriate standards to ensure regulatory compliance and cost effective management.
Our specialists provide accurate and ‘easy to interpret’ reports enabling airfield managers and senior decision makers to understand what is required and to ensure that engineers have the skills and knowledge to quickly identify and effectively rectify faults thus minimizing runway and manoeuvring area unavailability and to reduce the possibility of runway incursions through effective planning and control.


  • Traceability : Provides a comprehensive audit trail for the airfield lighting maintenance process and shows a full history for the AGL maintenance and management decision making.

  • Efficiency : Provides the means to demonstrate that an airport is operating safely.

  • Compliance : Ensures that staff are trained effectively, that they follow the correct procedures and complete work safely and with minimum disruption to operations.

Offering a new generation of training

From practical application training for airfield electricians through to consultants, designers, project personnel and installation contractors including dedicated seminars and workshops for national aviation authority inspectors and airport operations staff.